La Bocanita Surfing El Salvador

La Bocanita


La Bocanita is a powerful, intense beach-break for advanced surfers, and is El Salvador’s best wave at high tide. Expect to see an awesome local grommet scene here in the afternoons. The lineup is friendly but be ready for heavy waves and strange currents, it usually works in the afternoons and almost exclusively on high-tide. If the tide is high but on the way back down, watch for some crazy backwash. While you don’t have the 300 meter peeling waves like at Sunzal, here you zip out into the lineup in a short 20 meter paddle and start hunting down barrels and schwacks. Pro Tip? During the dry season (November – February) you’ll probably be surfing in front of a bunch of 18-23 year old European backpacker girls so be sure and keep those turns nice and crisp. And don’t forget to smile for the cameras. Finish your session off and then paddle in for a beer at La Guitarra or Monkey Lala.


Google Map - 13.492154, -89.384765