Our Team

Amilcar Argueta a.k.a “Gorilla”

Amilcar has worked with us since 2006 back when we used to manage the Sunzal Surf Shop in Playa El Tunco. What we didn’t know then was how much Amilcar would grow to become a favorite local connection to our clients over the years. I can’t tell you how many raving reviews I’ve seen for his surf guide service and quality attention to our customers. Amilcar embodies the term “point-man” in every way. His smile and fun personality symbolize the way to the way we do business.

Pedro Castillo a.k.a “Makoi”

Pedro Castillo, locally known as “Makoi”, grew up surfing the waves in the La Libertad region, with lifelong knowledge of the waves in El Salvador. His excitement radiates and you’ll soon realize the person you thought was just your surf guide is actually a friend for life. His favorite spots include Punta Roca, La Bocana and K59. After just a few days here you’ll see Pedro has his priorities straight: swell after swell you’ll see him as a staple in the lineup. Outside the surf, Pedro will share beers with you and introduce you the the local crew!

José Diaz a.k.a “Bamba”

There’s nobody in El Salvador with more experience teaching surf lessons than José Diaz, locally known as Bamba. Not only was he a top competitive surfer in Latin America, but Bamba is also known for his recovery from  a near-death accident, and you’ll be around someone that is gracious for every precious moment of life on earth. We can’t say enough about Bamba’s personality, but you’ll quickly see that his surfing skills speak for themselves. His ability to translate that to a beginner’s level for surf lessons is what sets him apart from the rest.  Bamba is fluent in English and developed a cool Australian twang while adventuring “down unda”.

Adrian Wigston a.k.a “Pelo de Tusa”

Adrian founded Sunzal Surf Company in 2005 and has spent 12 years developing a wealth of knowledge on El Salvador’s coastline and all it has to offer. Adrian comes from a family of watermen and when he isn’t chasing waves in El Salvador he’s probably whitewater kayaking in Washington, Idaho, or Colorado. Adrian has experienced El Salvador from the best to the worst of times, including near death by electrocution (good story for over a beer, btw), a stint studying Economics at El Salvador’s top University la UCA, and some of the best surf sessions anyone could write home about. Adrian is a hard-worker and runs a tight schedule, but he’s always eager to meet you and hear your story either out in the lineup or over a nice meal during your stay.

Why Sunzal

Over the years, we built a core mission for Sunzal Surf Company: ensure that our local knowledge is unmatched and deliver unforgettable, professionally organized surf trips.

We know that everyone’s budget and trip aspirations differ, so we stand out from the rest by offering you complete flexibility. Book something as simple as a hotel reservation with airport transfers, or check out one of our more complete trips including things like surf guides, surf lessons, board rentals, or yoga classes. Whatever you need, we got ‘ya covered.

Our goal is to become your “point-man” on the ground here in El Salvador. We are pros at organizing these types of adventures. You’ll quickly see that we never cut corners and do all the little things to show you how much we care about your vacation. We even provide you with a list of recommendations on where to eat and the best things available on each menu.

Our promise is to provide you with 100% objective advice and information so that you can make the best decision for where to stay and what to do with your time here. We are confident that you will find that interactions with Sunzal Surf Company are professionally managed, from the quoting process all the way to the delivery. Our team is courteous, knowledgeable, and fun to be with at all times. Let the good vibes commence!

Our Story

As the owner and founder of Sunzal Surf Company, I could probably write a small novel about this whole experience. What I can tell you is that El Salvador changed my life in a profound way. The great surf, the delicious food, and the amazing friends I’ve met down here have all shaped me into the person I am today. My only hope is that through this awesome service, we can share some of that stoke with you.

We started offering trip advice and reservations back in 2005 when I was in my early years of surfing in El Salvador. Together with local legend El Vaquero, we formed an idea that has evolved into an amazing company delivering great value to globetrotters just like you.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re still here, and committed to being your expert on the ground. Just let us know how we can make your trip to El Salvador a great one, and we’ll get it done.

Ours is a team effort, and our guides like Gorilla, Makoi, Bamba, and Shark will take care of you in style. Our admin team is professionally trained, and you’ll feel confident from the beginning that you signed up with the pros.

Thank you for considering Sunzal Surf Company, and I hope to see you in the lineup soon.

Adrian Wigston

Founder & President