Terms and Conditions

Our terms are set to ensure your trip is well organized and smoothly managed. Please remember that we work with several different hotels, villas, and private beach houses in El Salvador. Naturally, each property owner has different payment policies. Some locations have very strict cancellation terms while others are more flexible. One of the advantages of booking with Sunzal Surf Company, is gaining access to our great network. With nearly 12 years of business in the Playa El Tunco and Sunzal area, we have solid relationships with the hotels that we promote.


Our system is set by default to bill your reservation in full, for 100%.  On a case-by-case basis, we accept 50% deposit payments for booking.  For example if you are booking a reservation several months in advance we can accept a deposit manually using PayPal or payment by credit card over the phone. Typically we require that your reservation be more than 6 months in advance to process your reservation this way. If you book through the online reservation system incorporated to this website, it will bill you in full for the reservation.

Cancellations and Reservation Changes

We require a 14-day advance notice for cancellation with refund of deposit. We retain a $75 administrative fee for cancelled reservations that may be applied to any new reservation with us during the 12 month period starting with the date your booking was made. In addition to the $75 administrative fee, we retain any amount of credit card fees billed by our credit card processor. Those fees are approximately 3% of the total billed mount. The credit card fee depends on the type of card you are using and which country you paid from. Upon request we will provide a receipt from our merchant processor to verify the amount of credit card fees associated with the transaction. By making a reservation with us, you hereby agree that any cancellations or changes to your reservation will result in a loss of these credit card fees.

After 120 days, any payments received are final and non-refundable. However, as long as you provide notice to us with at least 14 days advance notice of your originally planned check-in date, we can apply your payment to a future reservation. Please contact us as soon as possible should you need to postpone or cancel your reservation. We are an extremely flexible company. We promise to find you the best deals and help you should any emergency cause you to postpone or cancel. We will work with you in the best way that we can.

Reservations Process

Please Note: We work with hotels in remote areas of El Salvador, and not all are able to maintain real-time updated calendars online like what you may be used to back home. We work diligently to keep our calendar as up-to-date as possible, but there may be instances where our availability calendar may not reflect a recent reservation. Not to worry, we are connected with all the best options for hotels and villas on El Salvador’s Coastline, and we can help you to modify your reservation for an available location that suits your preferences. If we can’t find an alternate option that you approve, we will of course gladly refund your reservation 100% and will not withhold any credit card fees as outlined above in our cancellation policy.  Before booking flights or other non-refundable travel services, await a human confirmation from us directly letting you know that we have confirmed availability for your reservation. Our system will send you automatic confirmations, but please wait for that “human” contact before booking your flights.


Our online booking system accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also have convenient options like PayPal, Venmo, Square, and others if you choose to book via email rather than using our reservation system. Cash is of course, always king, and gladly accepted. If you have any questions about how our terms and payment conditions work, send us a message and we will be glad to help: ripitup@sunzal.com

Our Promise

We guarantee you an unforgettable surf trip in El Salvador. Check out Our Reviews to see what other people are saying about this awesome service.