Maya Ruins


The closest ruins to the surf breaks are the Ruins of San Andrés, just outside San Salvador. At just over a 1 hour drive, so this trip can easily be done in between your morning and afternoon surf sessions. The San Andres site dates back to 900 BC, and its inhabitants had contacts with the famous civilization of Copán in Honduras.
The Tazumal Ruins are a little farther away from the surf than San Andrés, but well worth the trip. Tazumal sits near the border with Guatemala in the Rio Paz river basin. At 720 meters (2,360 ft) above sea level, you are away from the humidity of the coast and enjoying the fresh mountain air. The trip to Tazumal can be combined with our tour of El Salvador’s coffee region or a trip to the Santa Ana Volcano. Tazumal’s structures date back to 250 AD, and the civilization there had important links with Maya strongholds in Guatemala and Mexico.



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