El Salvador Coffee Region


Our Trip to the El Salvador Coffee region is one of our most coveted non-surfing Activities. You may this region in guidebooks listed as La Ruta de Las Flores, and it can be incorporated into a surf day. If we leave by 10:30 am can still have a fun day in the coffee region and be back to your hotel by a reasonable hour, giving you time to surf a full morning session. The highlights of this region are the towns of Ataco. Juayua, and Apaneca, and each location has the gamut of mountain activities. We recommend taking this trip on a weekend, as there are food festivals every Saturday and Sunday of the year. Here we have professional tours of coffee plantations, waterfalls, El Salvador’s best selection of gifts and souvenirs, and of course delicious world-class coffee and pastries!



Google Map - 13.869459, -89.846247