El Salvador Surfing Lessons

Surfing Lessons


El Salvador Surfing lessons are a total blast. Our local team of instructors are not just experienced with teaching lessons to beginners, these guys are also competitive surfers that can help intermediate surfers hone their skills. We have lessons available with the right equipment to get you surfing better and having fun!. We’ll typically recommend a soft-top board for beginners and also have a quiver of longboards and shortboards for anyone that wants to try out something more advanced. We offer individual one-on-one lessons or group lessons. For beginners, at times when the waves are big, lessons may need to be held at a sandy beach break nearby to ensure safe conditions for holding the lesson.  The standard rates online do not include that transportation cost but we can provide the shuttle at an affordable price. 

The prices below include both the surfing lesson AND the board rental. You do not need to separately reserve a board for these lessons. All equipment and instructor fees included. Rates do not include transportation, and assume that the lesson is in held in the Playa El Tunco / Sunzal area. Additional fees apply for lessons held at different beaches.

After you make your reservation, you’ll receive instructions for planning the surf lesson time. We’ll make recommendations based on the surf conditions and tide for the day scheduled, but also take into account your schedule and availability as well. There is no specific time fixed for the lesson at time of booking for this reason, we’ll plan it with you after you make the reservation.



All rates in USD and exclude applicable taxes.





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