Double Plus

Roca Sunzal


In the Roca Sunzal double “plus” room, there are two full-sized beds and a maximum of three adults are allowed. These plus suites are among the best rooms on the property because of their location and some extra amenities. This room has hot water and a small fridge for keeping drinks and snacks cool. It also comes with private bathroom, AC, TV with cable, wifi, a small fridge with en-suite sink, sofa, private bathroom, coffee maker, a small safe for your valuables, a pool-front patio, and breakfast is included for each guest. Pricing is applicable for 2 adults, and up to 2 kids.


  • Hot water
  • Small fridge
  • Private bathroom
  • AC
  • TV with cable
  • WiFi
  • Sofa
  • Coffee maker
  • Small safe for your valuables
  • Pool-front patio
  • Breakfast is included for each guest